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Can My OSHA 10hr or 30hr Card be Replaced?

August 12, 2010

Those who have taken the OSHA 10hr or OSHA 30hr through AGC Houston and were taught by either Chris Roberts, former Director of Safety for AGC Houston, or Doug Watson, current Director of Safety for AGC Houston, may obtain a replacement card through AGC Houston.  However, if you have taken the one of these classes through UTA, the OSHA Education Center, you must contact them directly at 866-906-9190 to get your replacement card.  Please remember that a replacement card must be replaced by the instructing institution. 

AGC Houston has implemented some new policies on replacing cards for classes taught by Chris or Doug.  Effective immediately, documentation showing that you have taken one of these classes by Chris or Doug must be provided.  Acceptable forms of proof are either a certificate that AGC Houston passed out after the completion of these classes, or a copy of the certificate/card that your company may have made for its records.  If you have taken the class within the past five years and are unable to locate the appropriate documentation, AGC Houston will do our best to research our records for you and locate a copy of the certificate.  If it has been over five years since the class was taken, and the certificate or a copy of one stating you took the class through AGC Houston is unavailable, we will be unable to replace the card and the class must be taken again in order to obtain a card. 

While OSHA 10hr and 30hr cards do not expire, OSHA recommends that these classes be repeated every two to three years due to the ever-changing OSHA standards. In the last three years, OSHA has made changes to a number of their standards with the most recent being cranes and derricks.  AGC Houston holds several OSHA 10hr and OSHA 30hr classes throughout the year, as well as several other safety training classes which can be viewed here

Please keep in mind that replacement cards usually take between two and four weeks from the date of request to be replaced, due to third party processing through the OSHA Education Center.  

If you have any questions regarding replacement of OSHA cards or safety training, please contact Cheryl Carroll or Doug Watson at 713-843-3700.

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